Tango / Phobos / future dilemma

Sascha Katzner sorry.no at spam.invalid
Tue May 27 00:02:30 PDT 2008

Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
> Sad, since this is _really_ an issue that needs to be addressed.  No, I take 
> that back: this should have been addressed _ages ago_.

I agree, the current situation is VERY bad for D as a language.

I see only one solution at the moment that would (IMO) be fair for everyone:


1) Tango has to loose the claim to be a replacement for Phobos, instead 
it *has* to be an enhancement on top of Phobos (and *perhaps* merge with 
Phobos later, but this is a different discussion).

2) At the same time Walter should open Phobos to everyone (that includes 
the Tango team).


... ideally this should be put in action with the first stable release 
of D2. I think we will never get a better chance to correct this error 
of the past as plain and simple like that.


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