Immutable & circular imports

Tomek Sowiński just at
Wed Dec 16 15:15:30 PST 2009

Amusing things happen when immutable arguments and circular imports are  
put together:

module hello;
import test;

struct Strukt {
     Staly* s;
module test;
import hello;

immutable struct Staly {
     int a;

void f_strukt(Strukt* stk) {
     f_staly(stk.s);    // ups!

void f_staly(Staly* s) { }

Error: function test.f_staly (immutable(Staly)* s) is not callable using  
argument types (Staly*)
Error: cannot implicitly convert expression ((*stk).s) of type Staly* to  

Am I writing code too weird or is this a compiler bug? The only thing  
about circular imports on D page is: "Cycles (circular dependencies) in  
the import declarations are allowed as long as not both of the modules  
contain static constructors or static destructors." So what I tried to  
pull off seems fair game.


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