How to reduce compile times?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Sat Mar 21 12:09:17 PDT 2009

On 21.03.2009 19:50, grauzone wrote:
> Christopher Wright wrote:
>>  grauzone wrote:
>>>  PS: another thing that possibly would bring a speed gain would be to
>>>  make dsss compile the whole project in one run, instead of invoking a
>>>  new dmd process for each source file. How do I need to change the
>>>  rebuild configuration to achieve this?
>>  oneatatime = [yes|no]
>>  You want 'no'. This will occasionally produce issues with ModuleInfo not
>>  being defined with some dmd versions, I think. Or something like that.
> Yes, this causes random linker errors.

Those errors shouldn't happen if you compile one file at a time, I 
believe.  On the other hand, dsss' incremental compilation feature never 
seems to work for me.

> What I need is to make dsss completely recompile the project, even if
> only a single source file was modified. This way, no errors should
> occur, and it would still be faster than with oneatatime=yes.
> (Damn that crappy support for incremental compilation.)

I use bud, which builds everything with a single run of dmd, but uses 
incremental compilation.  If I get linker errors, I just run my cleanup 
script and try again.  Or add -full to bud's command line.

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