AA.remove in foreach && AA = new vs cleaning

Saaa empty at needmail.com
Thu Oct 22 16:58:40 PDT 2009

Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
>> So, what is the fastest way to clean an AA?
> aa = null;
> However, if you have multiple copies of the AA, this does not clear out 
> the data.  It merely resets the AA reference.
> I'd not trust your code
> because it's undefined behavior.  If you want to  remove all the elements 
> individually, copy the keys to an array, then  iterate over the array 
> removing each element.
This is what the dsource example does, it loops over a copy of all the keys 
foreach(K key; aa.keys)

> Or use a real collection class, such as Tango's or dcollections' and use 
> the clear() method :)
> -Steve
As nulling is all it takes I don't think it's that much faster :) 

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