some questions about D

Phil Deets pjdeets2 at
Fri Oct 23 10:51:07 PDT 2009

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 11:50:51 -0500, Luis P. Mendes  
<luislupeXXX at> wrote:

> 5) Besides Alexei forthcoming book, is there documentation for the whole
> language and not only to part of it as in
> viewtopic.php?t=9518 and
> 27s_Guide_to_D ?

I remember when I started trying to learn D, I had trouble here. My main  
problem was I did not think to click the "Language" link near the top of  
the D2 website to get the language documentation; so in case you  
overlooked it like I did, there is a full language documentation when you  
click Language on the top-left of

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