D and a bazillion of small objects

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 18:04:53 PDT 2010

Yao G. <nospamyao at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks bearophile.
> With respect to passing structs as reference, I also have this problem.  
> In the widget, I have a opIndex method, that returns a ListViewItem  
> given an index (like an array). When opIndex return the instance I'm  
> looking for, and then I modify some property (a image index, for  
> example) the change is only visible in the returned copy, but the  
> internal instance, the one stored in the collection (array in this case)  
> is not modified.

So use a ref return.

ref T opIndex( int index ) {
   return arr[index];


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