delegates with C linkage

dennis luehring dl.soluz at
Sun Jun 6 04:12:38 PDT 2010

Am 06.06.2010 11:33, schrieb Simen kjaeraas:
> Also, pointers to delegates can be passed to C-linkage functions. A
> delegate is nothing but a struct, and as such there is no reason for
> it not to be passable to a C-linkage function.

my fault - yes its possible to use delegates in non D but delegat-struct 
knowing languages (and a small pice of special calling code), sorry 
Zarathrustra i missed the point of your post in whole

 >I say this is a bug.

me too

are delegats part of the ABI, i can't find a delegat calling scheme in 
the ABI-Description - should this be in EAX, as last/first part on 
stack, ECX?

wouldn't it be nice to have an complete call/use D features through c 
example around?

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