std.file bug? std.regex bug?

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at
Sat Jun 26 12:53:46 PDT 2010

div0 <div0 at> wrote:

>> Not after I changed what was actually the problem - trailing spaces.
>> Still, the error I got gave absolutely no indication that that might be  
>> it.
> Yes it did. It told you exactly what was wrong.

Awright, I agree I overstated things there. My point however, was that the
error message ate the file extension, making things harder to understand.

The exact symbol that was appended, was \r. The reason it seemed to eat
the extension was that the extension was the first thing on the new line,
and thus the carriage return overwrote everything from the beginning of
the line. I'm not sure if the error handler should take such symbols into


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