@porperty problem..

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 13:46:23 PDT 2010

  BLS <windevguy at hotmail.de> wrote:

> Hi I have a forward reference pb in conjunction with @property.
> Err msg is :
> forward refrence to inferred return type of function call s1.servername.
> any ideas ?

No line number? If so, file it in bugzilla. You might also want to file
a bug for the forward reference problems.

>  beside, where are the @property docs ?

No idea.

> 	@property nextServer() {
> 		return servers[0];
> 	}
Needs to be @property Server nextServer(). I don't know for sure, but
I believe @property does not cause type inference.

=> @property void servername(string name)
> 		@property servername(string name) {
> 			_name = name;
> 		}

=> @property string servername()
> 		@property servername() {
> 			return _name;
> 		}


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