Link error with template struct on 2.042

Frank Fischer frank-fischer at
Wed Mar 31 02:49:38 PDT 2010

On 2010-03-31, Regan Heath <regan at> wrote:
> Frank Fischer wrote:
>> If I compile the above example with
>> dmd main.d
> Weird, that command line works fine for me, no errors.

Strange. I used the linux version 2.042, just downloaded.

> It is either implementing a function, or not calling one - sometimes 
> debug mode will enable extra functions, I note the above undefined 
> reference is to a symbol called MyMod.assert being called from 
> MyStruct.opAssign.
> Was that a complete code sample?

Yes, exactly those two files. Nothing more, nothing less. The example
also works if I put the struct in the file main.d.


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