multiple alias this in class/struct not allowed?

Adam Cigánek adam.ciganek at
Tue Nov 9 01:18:39 PST 2010

Ok guys, thanks. Got it. Well, good to know. Any chance of knowing
when could this feature be implemented?


2010/11/9 Jonathan M Davis <jmdavisProg at>:
> On Monday, November 08, 2010 13:49:36 Adam Cigánek wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Why are multiple alias this declarations in a class/struct not
>> allowed? This page
>> says so, and
>> also dmd2 gives me an error when I try to do it, but TDPL says
>> something different (on page 231): "a class could introduce any number
>> of alias this declarations, thus subtyping any number of types."). Did
>> this feature change? Or is it a bug?
> The online documentation isn't completely up-to-date, and dmd is not completely
> up-to-date with TDPL. In virtually all cases that TDPL and dmd conflict, TDPL
> wins, so if TDPL says something and dmd doesn't do it that way, then it's just
> that dmd is behind, and it will do it that way later. In most cases, dmd matches
> up with TDPL already, but there are several cases where it hasn't caught up yet.
> It will though. Multiple alias thises is one of those.
> - Jonathan M Davis

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