How to initialize static array member variable?

Trass3r un at
Fri Oct 29 03:42:15 PDT 2010

Am 01.10.2010, 13:47 Uhr, schrieb Simen kjaeraas <simen.kjaras at>:

> Oh, and also (if you don't mind my nitpicking), have you profiled
> invSqrt compared to 1/sqrt? Last time I did, I found that invSqrt
> was about 50% slower than 1/sqrt.

Haven't profiled it yet.

> The one thing I missed when looking at the code was swizzling, so
> I implemented it. Feel free to include it if you want

Thx, I incorporated it :)

> I also wanted to allow for swizzled setters, but apparently that's
> currently not possible[1].
> [1]:

What a pity!

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