writing iterators without code duplication. inout?

pompei2 pompei2 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 08:34:18 PST 2011

On Wednesday, 21 December 2011 at 16:05:24 UTC, Trass3r wrote:
> Can't really answer your original question, but
> 1. Why don't you use opApply?
> 2. Why do you use ref int even in the const version?
> 3. You could also use alias this to allow iteration, don't know 
> if that's what you want in general though.

1&3: Because there are different things in my class to iterate 
over. Think foreach(p ; obj.properties()) and foreach(c ; 
obj.components()). (I know, I can make those @property so I don't 
need the ().)

2. Because if not, it says: Error: cannot implicitly convert 
expression (__foreachbody1315) of type int delegate(ref int) to 
int delegate(int)

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