dmd compile with imported modules

useo useo at
Sat Jan 1 05:34:47 PST 2011

Hey guys,

I've the following problem... when I write a simple class, for

module myclasses.exampleClass;

class exampleClass {
void writeHelloWorld() {
writeln("Hello World");

And import myclasses.exampleClass in the following:

module mainfile;

import myclasses.exampleClass;

void main(string[] args) {
exampleClass ec = new exampleClass();

I always have to compile the mainfile-module with "dmd mainfile.d
myclasses/exampleClass.d" because of the obj-files. My projects are
always growing and I don't want list all 100 or more classes/files in
the command line. Is there any possibility to automatically import,
compile and link all the files with a short command?

Thanks in advance!

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