D2 postgresql interface - Phobos2?

%fil fil at digitalmars.com
Fri Jan 7 03:20:27 PST 2011

Hi Piotr,

How cool. Very glad you're going native D. I've used Npgsql a lot
and also the more standard data.sqlclient interface from c# so I'm
happy you're modeling after that API. In your "general" API, will
you support the more advanced features like creating functions,
refcursors, preplanning queries, etc?

Also, your base db object looks very usefull. Do you have any
sense when you would have code ready for testing purposes (don't
take this as pressure, just curious)? Or for others to review?
Maybe people like Mandeep or myself could help on the coding
front? As I guess a DB interface will be used a lot.

Andrei (or Phobos team?), would you consider a DB interface in
Phobos or are you already planning something yourselves for Phobos
or feel this does not belong in Phobos and should stay outside?

Many thanks,


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