What's wrong with this code?

Tomek Sowiński just at ask.me
Sat Jan 8 12:46:15 PST 2011

Sean Eskapp napisał(a):

> I had some code that was segfaulting, so I rewrote the basic idea as a
> fibonacci function, and lo and behold, it still segfaults. Why, and how  
> to fix?

This looks fishy:

class Fib
	private const Fib* left, right;
	this(in Fib left, in Fib right)
		this.left = &left;
		this.right = &right;

Are you sure you want a pointer to class? Classes have reference semantics  
in D (like Java). Structs are value types, though. Anyway, it looks like  
the ctor takes the address of the reference placed on the stack.


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