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Tue Jan 18 10:28:32 PST 2011

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 09:18:33 Russel Winder wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 08:34 -0800, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> [ . . . ]
> > I don't know. The last release was about a month ago, and the one before
> > that was about a month and a half before that. I'm not aware of there
> > being any hard and fast rules or plan about when releases are done.
> > However, they tend to be a month or two apart.
> [ . . . ]
> > The latest code can be found here:
> > 
> > However, you're going to have to have the latest druntime as well:
> >
> Might it be worth putting in some infrastructure whereby people can use
> a distributed DMD or GDC but have a current snapshot or perhaps latest
> build of Phobos (where there is consistency between DMD/GDC on the one
> hand and Phobos on the other).  This is actually one thing Go does
> supremely well, you can pull the Mercurial snapshot and build the entire
> system within about 5 minutes.  It makes it very easy to test new
> stuff.

There has been discussion of D needing some sort of package management system. 
Perhaps that would deal with that issue. And maybe with dmd, druntime, and 
Phobos being moved over to git and github (which is currently being worked on) 
will make that easier. I don't know. However, I think that the focus of the dev 
team overall has been more on getting done than making it easier for people to 
get current development snapshots or know exactly what's going on with 
development at the moment. That's not to say that such things shouldn't be 
improved or that the dev team doesn't want to improve them, but there have been 
other priorities which have taken precedence. There's also a strong tendency for 
things to get done because someone wants them done and takes the time to do 
them, and if there's no one who's motivated enough to do something, then it 
often doesn't get done in a timely manner.

- Jonathan M Davis

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