Strange phobos errors

Trass3r un at
Wed Jan 19 04:52:48 PST 2011

Currently I'm getting some strange phobos errors when trying to
compile my project:

C:\dmd\windows\bin\..\..\src\phobos\std\functional.d(177): Error:
static assert  "Bad binary function q{a == b}. You need to use a
valid D expression using symbols a of type dchar and b of type const
instantiated from here: Body!(dchar,const(char)[])
instantiated from here: result!(dchar,const(char)[])

The only phobos modules I directly use are std.string, std.traits and
std.stdio. Has anybody else encountered this? (dmd 2.051)
I already disabled unittests but this didn't help.

(my code is at

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