Naming Conventions & Style Guide?

%u wfunction at
Sat Jan 22 21:05:05 PST 2011

> Hmm.. I thought naming enums with capital letters was a standard thing in D
land. I prefer them that way since they're constants, and since I almost always
use a tag for an enum I never mistake it for anything else. YMMV.

Huh, I guess now I see why they are the way they are. :)
At first I wrapped Win32 constants, and so they were ALL_CAPS. Then I converted
them to Windows/.NET-style, and they became PascalCased (both native and .NET use
PascalCase)... then I read the style guide and started making them camelCased, and
now I have code in each of these styles. Yeah, MMWV. :]

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