Definition of extern(System)?

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Wed Jan 25 18:21:27 PST 2012

"Jonathan M Davis" <jmdavisProg at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.11.1327521278.25230.digitalmars-d-learn at
> As points out,
> extern(System) isn't properly documented, so I have no idea what it 
> translates
> to. Does anyone know what exactly it translates to on Linux/Posix and 
> Windows?

It should be on in the 
'Linkage Attribute' section, but naturally it's only mentioned.

But at least I can tell you in the compiler, the definition is simple:

        else if (id == Id::System)
#if _WIN32
            link = LINKwindows;
            link = LINKc;

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