Chained Catch Statements

Era Scarecrow rtcvb32 at
Mon Jan 30 18:25:24 PST 2012

> I see no reason why the compiler should be reordering anything 
> here. That changes the semantics of the code. It's not like 
> it's a great burden on the programmer to just reorder the 
> blocks so that they're in the correct order. Having the 
> compiler give a warning or error would be plenty, and a lot 
> better than letting the programmer continue to screw up their 
> code in ignorance. If they don't understand how the catch 
> blocks work, they're likely to screw up more than just the 
> order.
> I do think that having the compiler complain when one catch 
> block hides another makes a lot of sense, but I think that 
> that's as far as it should go. It's the programmer's job to fix 
> their code, not the compiler's.

You are right.. I just have wishful thinking of the compiler 
being smart enough to auto-fix some things, but when you start 
making assumptions then errors and problems tend to arise more. 
That and if the compiler DOES reorder those blocks, then you 
re-ordering them for a specific reason may not work and could 
have unintended results. Course I don't see how with Try/catch 
since only one block (plus finally) can be used at a time.

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