vibe.d-example illustrating Dynamic Textual Web-Interface

Sebastiaan Koppe via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Tue Dec 1 01:31:55 PST 2015

On Tuesday, 1 December 2015 at 07:04:25 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
> Am 30.11.2015 um 11:08 schrieb Nordlöw:
>> Does anybody have a similar vibe.d-project to be inspired 
>> from, in this
>> regard?
> This would be more targeted to the web interface generator 
> (vibe.web.web), which is not affected by the changes mentioned 
> above, but the interface is pretty similar. For a very simple 
> example, you can have a look at this:

I have seen a lot of sites using this approach. I feel that once 
complexity increases (more dynamics, popups, real-time 
validation, spa) it runs into some maintenance issues.

Let me elaborate. In the beginning all html is generated on the 
server. Then more features are added and slowly more html is 
generated/manipulated in the client. Now you have this 
split-brain were html is generated both on the server and the 
client, but both in different languages, with different template 
engines. To put it simply, it doesn't scale well.

The solution would be to shift the generation of html to the 
client (for example see trello, digital ocean, etc.). The only 
issue there is that the first page load takes longer. This can be 
solved by rendering the first page on the server. With nodeJS 
this is easy since you can reuse the same code, with D this is a 
little harder.

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