DDOC adds emphasis on symbols, so how to use $(LINK a) properly?

kraybit via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at puremagic.com
Tue Dec 1 07:15:46 PST 2015


Just trying out the built-in ddoc, and it's great!

But is there any way to link to other packages/modules, without 
adding "_" everywhere? Consider:

     // mylib/package.d

     *  Also see $(LINK mylib.image.pixel.html)
     module mylib;

This will generate a link, but the href will be 
"<b>mylib</b>.image.pixel.html", which won't work in my browser 
at least (Chromium). This can be fixed with:

     $(LINK _mylib.image.pixel.html)

Ok, great. But wait a minute. How do I know that 'image' and 
'pixel' won't be emphasized symbols in the future? It seems, to 
be sure, I must write:

     $(LINK2 _mylib._image._pixel.html)

And then follows, if I link to any page, I must follow the same 

     $(LINK _blog._site._com/_id/3532.html)

I'm not even sure that works. But you see my worry?
How do I use $(LINK)s properly?

Kind regards

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