using parse with string slice

Quentin Ladeveze via Digitalmars-d-learn digitalmars-d-learn at
Sat Dec 5 13:59:26 PST 2015


I try to parse some hexadecimal numbers stocked in a string. So I 
use this code

import std.conv;

string s = "B";

int value = parse!int(s, 16);

assert(value == 11);

But when I have several hexadecimal numbers in the string, and I 
slice it, the compiler can't deduce which version of parse to use 

import std.conv;

string s = "1B2A";

int value = parse!int(s[0..2], 16); //template std.conv.parse 
cannot deduce function from argument types !(int)(string, int)

Does someone have an idea of why it happens ? The version of 
parse that is used here is :

std.conv.parse(Target, Source)(ref Source s, uint radix) if 
(isSomeChar!(ElementType!Source) && isIntegral!Target && 
!is(Target == enum))

And I can't see which template constraint is not respected when I 
call it with a slice.


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