Interfacing with C++ Class named Object

Timoses timosesu at
Tue May 1 16:07:30 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 1 May 2018 at 15:24:09 UTC, Robert M. Münch wrote:
> Hi, I'm mostly doing simple C-API wrappers around C++ code to 
> access thigns from D. However, I wanted to try how far I can 
> come using C++ directly.
> I have the following C++ code in namespace N:
> class Image : public Object {
> 	Error create(int w, int h, uint32_t p) noexcept;
> }
> And I have the following D code:
> extern (C++, N) {
>  class Object {
>  }
>  class Image : public Object {
>    uint create(int w, int h, uint pixelFormat);
>  }
> }
> So frist problem I see is, that a C++ class names Object is 
> pretty unfortunate as this is a reserved class name in D. And 
> DMD doesn't seem to allow using Object inside a C++ scope 
> (which IMO should be possible).
> Am I right, that there is no chance to handle this case other 
> than ranming the C++ base class?

Would `pragma(mangle, ...)` work here?

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