Is build a 64 bit version worth if I'm looking for better perfomance?

Uknown sireeshkodali1 at
Tue May 1 23:34:16 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 1 May 2018 at 22:48:08 UTC, Dr.No wrote:
> Looking for make application run fast as possible, aside 
> optimization in the source code, is using 64 bit over 32 really 
> worth?

With the GC yes, since false pointers become less of an issue. 
Also you get to take full advantage of the target CPU. The vast 
majority of home computers today use 64 bit. You'll also be able 
to take advantage of more optimizations since the compiler can 
assume more features are available. But you will *probably* get 
better performance from profiling + optimizing than 32 bit -> 64 

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