Out of memory during compilation

rikki cattermole rikki at cattermole.co.nz
Wed May 2 14:31:16 UTC 2018

On 03/05/2018 2:25 AM, Matt Gamble wrote:
> I have a large program (for me) with several thousand lines of code. 
> Recently when I've tried to compile under debug (-g -unittest)  with 
> VS2017, dmd2.076.1, windows 10, 8Gb ram), I've had the following output:
> Compiling SKaTERoptimizerD.d...
> Fatal Error: Out of memory
> Building x64\Debug\SKaTERoptimizerD.exe failed!
> When compiled under release (-O -release -inline -boundscheck=off) mode 
> it works fine.
> Any advice on how to combat this? Do I need to start compiling DLLs? 
> Does that change how the linking would be done? Would that affect the 
> debugger?
> Any help is appreciated,
> Matt

Let me start by saying shared library support doesn't work (some people 
will say it does work partially, but it doesn't).

The problem for you (I think) is that dmd is compiled as a 32bit executable.
Either compile dmd as 64bit, or grab ldc (64bit) which will raise the 
limit from 2gb of ram :)

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