Windows to Linux Porting - timeCreated and timeLastAccessed

Vino vino.bheeman at
Fri May 4 14:24:36 UTC 2018

On Friday, 4 May 2018 at 14:02:24 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> On Friday, May 04, 2018 13:17:36 Vino via Digitalmars-d-learn 
> wrote:
>> On Friday, 4 May 2018 at 12:38:07 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
>> > What are you actually trying to do with it? These functions 
>> > are probably the wholly wrong approach.
>> Hi Adam,
>>   The existing program in Windows do few task's eg: Delete 
>> files
>> older that certain days, and now we are trying to port to 
>> Linux,
>> and above was just a example, hence asked the right approach 
>> for
>> porting.
> Linux does not keep track of the creation time of a file. So, 
> it will not work to have a program on Linux ask a file how long 
> it's been since the file was created. If you want that 
> information, you'll have to store it elsewhere somehow (and 
> that generally only works if you created the file in the first 
> place).
> The modification time of the file is the time that the file was 
> last changed (which would be the creation time if it were only 
> ever written to once, but in the general case, it has no 
> relation to the creation time at all). So, you could use 
> std.file.timeLastModified to find out if a file has been 
> changed within the last x number of days, but there is no way 
> to find out the creation time of a file by asking the 
> filesystem.
> - Jonathan M Davis

Hi Jonathan,

   Thank you,  i got your point from the other forum topic which 
was raised by me earlier, hence decided to use modification time, 
the request is on how and the best approach to port the code from 
windows to Linux eg program below

Example Code:
import std.stdio: writeln;
import std.container.array;
import std.file: dirEntries,isFile, SpanMode;
import std.algorithm: filter, map;
import std.typecons: Tuple, tuple;
import std.datetime.systime: SysTime;

version (Windows) { alias sTimeStamp = timeCreated; } else 
version (linux) { alias sTimeStamp = timeLastAccessed; }

auto clogClean (string LogDir ) {
Array!(Tuple!(string, SysTime)) dFiles;
  dFiles.insert(dirEntries(LogDir, SpanMode.shallow).filter!(a => 
a.isFile).map!(a => tuple(, a.sTimeStamp)));
  return dFiles;

void main () {
string LogDir;
LogDir = "//DScript/Test";       //  Error: undefined identifier 
timeLastAccessed on Linux
LogDir = "C:\\DScript\\Others";  //  Error: undefined identifier 
timeCreated on Windows.


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