could someone test support for Asian languages in nanogui port?

Binghoo Dang dangbinghoo at
Sun May 6 03:10:41 UTC 2018

On Friday, 4 May 2018 at 10:40:52 UTC, drug wrote:
> I port nanogui, but besides porting I'd like to improve it 
> using great capabilities of D language provides. One of them is 
> utf support, so I added support for Asian languages to 
> nanogui.TextBox. But I'm not sure I've did it well and so I'd 
> like to ask someone to test it using the following:
> ```
> git clone --recursive
> cd nanogui
> git checkout textbox # TextBox exists in this branch only
> dub --config=sdl # Keyboard events provided only by SDL2 
> backend only
> ```
> On the right side there will be a window with four text boxes 
> with russian, english, japanese and chinese text respectively. 
> It would be nice to get some feedback from users - probably I 
> did something totally wrong. Also I'm curious does it worth 
> efforts?


I'm a Chinese, and I just have done the test. I also copied some 
Japanese text from Dlang twitter channel and added some Chinese 
wide punctuation Char.

And It's all seems displayed correctly.

The resulting screenshot is here:

The only problem is that the font style simply looks strange. You 
can see the 'normal' text display in Win10 by default like this:

And the font problem is probably related to SDL or GL, for all UI 
based on GL or SDL, they all have the same problem. Dlangui also 
has the same situation, that's why I just did not use Dlangui for 
a production project.

But, Anyway, the text is displayed correctly.

Great work for doing this! Dlang needs a great GUI framework.

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