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Sat May 19 18:44:42 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 19 May 2018 at 18:19:35 UTC, IntegratedDimensions 
> Is there any way to create an int24 type that behaves just like 
> any other built in type without having to reimplement 
> everything?

In fact, what I'd like to do is create an arbitrary type:

struct atype(T)


where atype(T) is just a "view" in to N_T bits interpreted as T, 
an enum.

If T is bit, then the N = 1 and the interpretation is 1 bit.
If T is byte, then the N = 8 and the interpretation is 7 bits 
followed by 1 signed bit.
If T is int24, then the N = 24 and the interpretation is 23 bits 
followed by 1 signed bit.

The idea is the storage of atype is exactly N bits. If this is 
not possible due to boundary issues then N can always be a 
multiple of 8(which is for my use cause is the smallest).

The main thing is that I would like to be able to use atype as if 
it were a built in type.

If N = 24, 3 bytes, I want to be able to create arrays of 
atype!int24[] which work just as if they were arrays of bytes 
without any exception or special cases.

atype!byte would be equivalent to byte and reduce to the compiler 
internals. I'm not looking to create a "view" of an array. I want 
a standalone type that can behave as all the desired types 
needed, which is most of the numerical types of D and some of the 
ones it neglected like 24-bit ints, 48-bit ints, etc. Ideally, 
any type could be used and the "most optimal" code is generated 
while being able to use the types using the standard model.

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