is ==

IntegratedDimensions IntegratedDimensions at
Sun May 20 03:25:13 UTC 2018


Shows real problems. You argue from the side that the bug already 
exists so we must work around it because we can't go back and 
"fix things". Who says? D has had breaking changes in the past so 
it is not a deal breaker. It is also a relatively easy transition 
because == null is very easy to find and fix.

With the mentality that one must always deal with introduced 
logic bugs that, if fixed, will break old code is insane. The 
whole point of fixing bugs is to make things work *correctly*.

The fact is someone decided it was a good idea to conflate null 
with some dynamic array BS and that is where all the problems 
come from. It should have never been done and this issue will 
persist until someone gets the balls to fix it.

After all, how do you know it won't actually make a lot of 
"buggy" code better?

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