Can I infer the type from this?

Alex sascha.orlov at
Sun May 20 10:27:14 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 20 May 2018 at 03:16:39 UTC, Dr.No wrote:
> Oh, my bad: I totally forgot a crucial thing on question: I 
> want this to work with a static member, for example, call 
> myTemp like this myTemp!(C.a) I don't mind if I to pass the 
> type as parameter somehow, like myTemp!(C, C.a) or 
> myTemp!(C)(C.a) but I do need to pass a symbol as parameter, 
> hence I'm using alias template parameter.

Still not sure, if I get you right...

import std.stdio;

void main() { auto res = myTemp!(C.s); }

class C { static size_t s; }

template myTemp(alias s) { enum myTemp = 
templateFunction!(typeof(s))(s.stringof); }

int templateFunction(T)(string targetMembername)
	static assert(is(T == size_t));
	assert(targetMembername == "s");
	return 42;

In general, I'm not sure, how you want to get a type of a general 
symbol (this is what templateFunction should do, isn't it?) as it 
could be a template or a value parameter for example.
However, I tried these cases, and typeof yields something 
reasonable then. In particular, it still did compile and yields 
something which could be checked against...

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