Convert mixin to function call

IntegratedDimensions IntegratedDimensions at
Sun May 20 20:10:32 UTC 2018

I have a string mixin that returns a value or function that uses 
the mixed in scope.

Currently I have to wrap the mixin in a delegate or local 
function as to be able to get the value:

int x = 3;
int y = 1;
auto foo() { mixin(X!("x")); }

This allows the the mixin to see the scope but keep the mixin 
variables local so they do not shadow anything unintentionally.

auto X(string A)()
     return "int y = 4; return "~A~" + y + 5;";

foo will just return 8 but I cannot simply mixin within the main 
scope or the scope will return unintentionally.

int x = 3;
mixin(X!("x")) // <- hidden return

Using foo works fine but adds a level of indirection I feel is 
unnecessary. The only thing I feel can work is to rewrite X so 
that it uses variables with random names to reduce shadowing 
issues and to allow X to take a variable name to put the result 

auto X(string A, string N)()
     return "{ int _342sdfs = 4;  "~N~" = "~A~" + _342sdfs + 5;}";

which complicates things significantly. My hope is that D would 
inline the function call.

Ideally I'd like to be able to sort of use the mixin as a 
function and simply call it:

val = mixin(X!("x"))();

which I could do by internally using a delegate inside the mixin

auto X(string A)()
     return "(() { int y = 4; return "~A~" + y + 5; })";

except that the mixin syntax does not allow one to use it in an 

Remember that the mixin must be able to see the scope it is mixed 
in at so one can't wrap this in a template use it as far as I 

Although, one can do

mixin(X!("val", "x"));

which does the ugly work.

It would be nice to be able to get this process to look as much 
like normal D code as possible.

the idea is to try to write "local" string mixins that are messy 
and not "C'ish" looking in to "C'ish" looking code.

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