Any way to override base type with dervived in derived type

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Sun May 27 12:01:48 UTC 2018

On 5/25/18 4:02 PM, IntegratedDimensions wrote:
> So, I upgraded everything, tried to add the setter and get an compile 
> time access violation:
> override @property T t(T v) { _t = v; return v; }
> Changing T v to TT v gives the violation
> override @property T t(TT v) { _t = v; return v; }

Parameters work the opposite way as return values. That is, you can't 
override a base class's function that accepts a base type with one that 
accepts a derived type. This is because you must be able to call the 
virtual function with the base type, and this would not work.

So what is technically possible is to call an overridden function with a 
base type (i.e. override a function that accepts a TT with one that 
accepts a T), but I don't know if D allows this, and obviously it 
doesn't help with your use case.

> object.Error@(0): Access Violation
> ----------------
> 0x004850C8
> 0x00485C96
> 0x0043E22A
> 0x0047FB50
> 0x0046109A
> 0x0052401A
> 0x77D0B605 in LdrQueryProcessModuleInformation
> 0x77D11D02 in RtlQueryProcessLockInformation
> 0x77D11705 in RtlQueryProcessDebugInformation
> 0x77CA47DF in RtlAllocateHeap

Hm... this is a runtime stack trace. And a crappy one at that (very 
little info at the top of the stack).

If you are getting this at compile time, then it's the compiler having 
an issue, which is automatically a bug (compiler should never throw an 

If you have a reduced test case, I'd recommend filing an issue, and 
tagging it with ICE. But it needs to be reproducible.


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