Logging inside struct?

Simen Kjærås simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Wed May 30 10:07:35 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, 30 May 2018 at 09:58:16 UTC, biocyberman wrote:
> How do I add logging for this struct?
> https://run.dlang.io/is/9N6N4o
> If not possible, what's the alternative?

This line:

     writeln("got num: %s, of type: %s", num, typeof(num));

Gives this error message:

     onlineapp.d(7): Error: cannot pass type int as a function 

The error message says exactly what's wrong - you can't pass a 
type as a runtime argument. You can get a string representation 
using .stringof:

     writeln("got num: %s, of type: %s", num, 

Next up: if prints this:

     got num: %s, of type: %s1int

You probably want something more like this:

     got num: 1, of type: int

The problem is you're using writeln, which only dumps its 
arguments to stdout in the order they're passed. writefln does 
formatting using %s:

     writefln("got num: %s, of type: %s", num, 


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