Constructing text with astericks

aberba karabutaworld at
Wed May 30 22:57:06 UTC 2018

I've been given a challenge to write texts using asterisks to 
form the letters. D happen to have an unlimited amount of idioms 
yet i'm out out ideas as to the simplest approach. Task is to 
basically take a piece of text and write them as asterisks to the 

*****  *
*      *
*****  *
     *  *
*****  *

First solution I found was to create a class for each new A(), new B() and implement the logic withing 
each class. This doesn't scale and i'll have to write about 24 or 
more classes.

Another complex but "makes sense" solution will be to use a GRID 
system like old digital watches but i'll need a more complex grid 
to draw complex letters using a dictionary of REPOPULATED indexes 
of asterisk for each word. First use the length of the string to 
compute the grid size and iterate over each character to 
indentify the dictionary of a letter's indexes to use:

**   **
**  ***
**   ***  (an R using a more complex Grid)

How will you approach this problem in D idiomatically?

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