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Thu May 31 16:29:20 UTC 2018

I am fiddling again with writing a D version of Me TV to compare with
the C++ (already declared dead), and the Rust version (currently the
'real' version).

From the main thread (which eventually becomes the GTK+3 event loop
thread) I spawn three threads to create "actors" that pass messages.
Actually it is a pipeline.

1 → 2 → 3

The intention will then be that Actor 3 communicates with the GTK+3
event loop in whatever way is allowed.

All three threads seem to start. 3 always goes straight into receive.
In some circumstances 2 sends messages to 3 before it enters it's
receive, in other circumstances it goes straight into receive. 1
alternates between a listening activity not to do with the threads and
a receive (for termination). 1 and 2 are seen to execute sends to the
correct Tid, but no receive ever executes. I tried putting Variant as
the last option to see if there were message but just of the wrong
type, and… no message received. It seems that receive is blocking and
never being triggered even though provably there are sends that should
trigger a receive.

So I assume I am doing something very silly that causes this, or my
code is wrong in some other way.

The code is at:

src/inotify_daemon.d contains Actor 1 code.
src/frontend_manager.d contains Actor 2 code.
src/control_window.d contains Actor 3 code.

src/main.d has the startup code.
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