Speed of Random Numbers

Giovanni Di Maria calimero22 at yahoo.it
Sat Aug 3 17:29:25 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 3 August 2019 at 17:17:23 UTC, Cym13 wrote:
> On Saturday, 3 August 2019 at 16:35:34 UTC, Giovanni Di Maria 
> wrote:
>> [...]
> To what extent isn't the quality of randomness important to you?
> Your posts reminds me of the way Doom (the original) did it for 
> things like enemy behaviour and shot dispersion: they generated 
> a static table of 256 random numbers once and any time they 
> needed a random byte they just picked the next in the table. 
> They didn't have any security or sciency concern and just 
> wanted to provide a different game each time so that worked 
> well for them. You won't find anything faster than that I think.

Exactly Cym13.
The important is to get a different number
Ok, thank you.

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