unicode characters are not printed correctly on the windows command line?

moth postmaster at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 06:11:13 UTC 2019

hi all.

been learning d for the last few years but suddenly realised...

when i use this code:


the output displayed on the windows command line is "ÔÖÑ" [it 
works fine when piped directly into a text file, however].

i've looked about in this forum, but all that i could find was 
people in 2016[!] saying the codepage had to be altered - clearly 
nonsense, since Rust [which i am also learning] has no problem 
whatsoever displaying "♥".

is there any function i can call or setting i can adjust to get D 
to do the same, or do i have to wait for something to be fixed in 
the language / compiler itself?

best regards

moth [su.angel-island.zone]

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