Deprecation: std.stdio.File.ByChunkImpl is not visible

psyscout at
Tue Dec 24 00:33:34 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm trying to resolve a Deprecation message. File.ByChunkImpl is 
private which cause a compiler message.

Any clue how to to deal with this?
(Deprecation: std.stdio.File.ByChunkImpl is not visible)

struct PutObjectRequest(Range)
	if (isInputRange!Range && is(ElementType!Range == ubyte[]))
	string bucket;
	string key;
	Range content;
	ulong content_size;

auto putObjectRequest(string bucket, string key, string file)
	import std.stdio : File;

	enum chunk_size = 16 * 1024; // 16 KiB
	auto file_ = File(file, "r");

	return PutObjectRequest!(File.ByChunkImpl)(bucket, key, 
file_.byChunk(chunk_size), file_.size);

Appreciate any help!

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