Integration testing, unit-threaded, and threads

Russel Winder russel at
Thu Apr 23 11:01:31 UTC 2020


I need to start a process before the tests run, and terminate it after
the tests run. A module with a shared static constructor and shared
static destructor sounds like the way of doing this since the
constructor is run before main and the destructor after main. However I
am using unit-threaded, not for the threads but because it is great for
a whole load of other reasons. In fact the threads are becoming a

As far as I can tell main is terminating before all the tests are
complete which means the shared static destructor is executing before
all the tests are complete.

To test this hypothesis I want to run single threaded. unit-threaded
says this is possible using a command line option -s. The question is
which command line? dub test doesn't accept it and neither does the dub
command creating ut_main.d

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