use of struct vs class

mark mark at
Sat Mar 7 10:20:25 UTC 2020

I have this struct (with details omitted ... for brevity):

struct Deb {
     string name;
     RedBlackTree!string tags;

     void clear() { name = ""; ...; tags.clear; }

     bool valid() { return !(name.empty || description.empty); }

I plan to store >65K of these (with potential for growth to 
 >250K) in an AA:

Deb[string] debForName;

I plan to populate debForName by reading data files (actually 
Debian Packages files) like this:

Deb deb;
auto file = File(filename):
foreach(line; file.byLine) {
     if (line.empty) {
         if (deb.valid) // end of package
             debForName[] = deb; // XXX
         // else report incomplete package
     ... // populate the deb
if (deb.valid)
     debForName[] = deb;

I'm assuming that line XXX will copy the Deb including the tree 
(which as usual I'm using as a set -- I really miss a set class 
in D!). Will this work (I'll find out myself next week when I get 
further, but D experts can likely tell from the above).

Should Deb be a class rather than a struct?

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