FreeBSD 13 : wrong kernel version and size of kevent_t

eugene dee0xeed at
Wed Dec 22 09:49:59 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 22 December 2021 at 00:43:16 UTC, Johan wrote:
> When you run `ldc2 -v test.d` (some arbitrary d file), you 
> should see "predefs" at the top, followed by a bunch of 
> predefined versions by the compiler. FreeBSD_xx should be on 
> that list, and the number should correspond to your OS version. 
> If it does not, then that's a bug in LDC.

Forget about LDC :)
I used outdated version of LDC (the one installed with pkg),
which does not have struct kevent_t for 12+ at all.

> I was wrong: LDC is using its own code to determine the OS 
> version, and it should already do that correctly.

And I am **not** going to install up to date version of LDC,
because I prefer to use packages supplied by
repository maintainers (usually)

FreeBSD has ldc2 (old, but it **is** in the repo)
Linux has both gdc (also old) and ldc.

It looks strange - leading D compiler is not in Linux/FreeBSD 
repos :)

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