Problem using struct with copy constructor with betterC

tchaloupka chalucha at
Sat Nov 6 17:24:07 UTC 2021

After a long fiddling with a code that won't compile I've got 
this test case:

struct Foo {
     this(ref return scope Foo rhs) {}
     ~this() {}

struct Bar {
     @disable this(this);
     Foo[2] foos;

extern (C)
void main() {}

When built with `-betterC` switch (dmd as ldc2 works with it).

I get just:
Error: `TypeInfo` cannot be used with -betterC

Well imagine getting this useful info in a large codebase :/

Anyway, I've traced the problem by custom built dmd using 
`printf` logging here:

So it somehow tries to generate `_d_arrayctor` for the static 

I've tried to add `= void` to the array, but it doesn't help.
Is it a bug (probably is) and are there any workaround for this?

If I remove copy constructor or destructor form `Foo`, it 
compiles. But I need them there..

BetterC is great, but a bit of a minefield to use.

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