Cannot compile C file using ImportC

rempas rempas at
Wed Nov 10 06:40:05 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 10 November 2021 at 06:38:58 UTC, rempas wrote:
> On Tuesday, 9 November 2021 at 22:19:37 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
>> It rather tries to interpret the C code as D code.
>> It's not a full C compiler rather it's a shim in front of the 
>> D frontend.
>> Therefore bugs like the above can happen if the compiler 
>> wasn't aware that the function identifier was to be 
>> interpreted in "C context"
> I also think that Stefan is right here. If we check the spec 
> page for [ImportC](, in the 
> 2nd note, first sentence, it says: "ImportC is a C compiler 
> embedded into the D implementation". To me that seems that it 
> is a full C compiler that treats the syntax as C and creates 
> files that can be linked with D.

*I also think that "STEVEN" is right. Sorry, mistakes happen...

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