Completing C code with D style

russhy russhy at
Wed Nov 10 22:17:48 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 10 November 2021 at 06:47:32 UTC, forkit wrote:
> btw. My pc has 24GB of main memory, and my CPU 8MB L3 cache. So 
> I really don't give a damn about allocations .. not one little 
> bit ;-)

It's not a good mindset to have

Give room for the unexpected, don't burn all of your options 
right now

Having good foundation helps one to grow and scale faster than 

Often i seen gamedevs write shitty code, "it's fine" they said, 
only to realize their game runs at 10FPS when they decide it's 
time to port it to the Switch (portable console) or when one 
decide to play on a laptop

Or your server can no longer fit in the 128mb VPS instance, and 
you forced to pay the more expensive one, only because "it was 

Having the right mindset helps not make these mistakes in the 

Changing habits is hard, make sure to train yourself to pick the 
right one, early if possible

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