D modules

Imperatorn johan_forsberg_86 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 13 22:56:47 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 13 November 2021 at 22:52:55 UTC, pascal111 wrote:
> When I'm searching for "toUpper" and "toLower" functions that 
> string type uses, I confused when I reached the module 
> "std.string". In the first section of its page 
> "https://dlang.org/phobos/std_string.html" I didn't found 
> functions I'm searching for, but when I pressed ctrl+f and 
> typed function names, I found 'em in another section of the 
> page, but I didn't understand if I have to add something to 
> module name "std.string" or not, and I don't know how modules 
> divided nor its sections way in D. I hope someone clarifies 
> this obscure point to me and how can I search correctly for 
> sought functions.

They are publicly imported from std.uni

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