How use ldc pragmas?

james.p.leblanc james.p.leblanc at
Fri Oct 1 19:23:06 UTC 2021


After experimenting with ldc's autovectorization of avx code, it 
appears there may
be counter-intuitiveness to the autovectorization (especially for 
complex numbers).
(My comment may be wrong, so any corrections are quite welcome).

Based on this, I wanted to investigate the use of ldc's pragma 
(as found in ldc2/import/gccbuiltins_x86.di).

However, getting the ball rolling is a bit difficult, as I have 
not found a
simple example showing the whole process.  What I have just now 

// my example.d
import std.stdio;
import ldc.intrinsics;

void main()

    float x;

    pragma(LDC_intrinsic, "llvm.sqrt.32")
    float sqrt(float);
I try to compile the above using:

ldc2 -mattr=+avx2 myexample.d -H 

But receive the following:
ldcint.d(11): Error: unrecognized `pragma(LDC_intrinsic)`

I get the feeling that I am really "lost in the woods" here, 
missing important aspects.

Are there any pointers this forum might have to help here?
(A very simple and complete example would be greatly appreciated!)


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