Can we use "ImportC" used yet?

data pulverizer data.pulverizer at
Sun Oct 17 10:46:30 UTC 2021

Okay wow, this is amazing, I can now call R's standalone math 
library `Rmath.h` by converting:

#define __restrict restrict
#define __asm__ asm
#define __extension__
#define __inline
#define __builtin_bswap16
#define __builtin_bswap32
#define __builtin_bswap64

typedef struct _Float128 {unsigned long long x[2];} _Float128;
#include "Rmath.h"
#include "R_ext/Random.h"

import r2d;
import std.random: unpredictableSeed;
import std.stdio: writeln;

void main()
   set_seed(unpredictableSeed(), unpredictableSeed());
   writeln("rgamma (2, 3): ", rgamma(2, 3));



gcc -E -P -I"/usr/share/R/include" -lRmath r2d_con.c > r2d.c
dmd callr.d -L-lRmath -L-lm && ./callr

Okay it's only the standalone library which is a small part of R, 
but this rocks. The PAHWAHR! Lol.

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