Can we use "ImportC" used yet?

data pulverizer data.pulverizer at
Sat Oct 23 16:39:08 UTC 2021

On Friday, 22 October 2021 at 16:16:22 UTC, Dave P. wrote:
> I think you ran into this 
> [issue]( The 
> bug fix isn’t part of a released dmd yet.

Yes that's the same error. When I try this:

this(R_xlen_t n)
     _data = protect(allocVector(_real_, n));

I get a slightly more interesting error message:

types.d(43): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression `14` of 
type `int` to `__tag28`

So it's not recognising `REALSXP` as an `SEXPTYPE`, it's as if it 
is treating `SEXPTYPE` like a `struct` rather than an `enum`.

Also I was wandering, how long will it take release a fix for 
ImportC? I am aware that it is a new feature, the reason I ask is 
not to try to rush anyone but to plan my time better.

Many thanks

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